Maatori Oy’s Auction Terms and Conditions

1. Participation in the auction, placing bids and validity

  • It is possible to take part in the action on the website after registration and accepting the actions terms and conditions.
  • Every given bid on the platform is valid until a higher accepted bid is given during the online auction. As the auction ends, only the highest bid is valid.
  • Maatori has the right to accept or reject the highest bid unless otherwise stated in the announcement. Maatori aims to contact the acceptance or rejection of the highest bid as quickly as possible. If the highest bid is not accepted or rejected within two (2) business days after the auction is ended, the bid will no longer bind the buyer.

2. Other terms

  • Participating in the auction without the intention of buying is prohibited. Maatori Oy reserves the right to remove bids suspected to have been made for purposes other than regular trade.
  • The auction will also be subject to the sales terms and conditions presented and/or referenced in the specific announcement
  • Maatori Oy reserves the rights to change these auction terms and conditions at any time.



Using the service requires successfully completed registration.

The user must provide the requested information during registration and it must be accurate and up-to-date at all times. The user must be of legal age and fully competent. Users can also be legal entities. Person acting on behalf of the legal entity has appropriate authorization to represent him/her.

A user can only have one (1) Username and account in the Service unless the Service Provider has specifically granted multiple Usernames or accounts to the user.


The terms applicable to each Auction are specified in the specific Auction Announcement and/or in documents referred to (such as Auction Terms and Sales Terms).

The purchase price, payment of the purchase price, as well as other features and actions related to the transaction and the Item, are agreed upon separately after the auction.

1) The buyer is required to thoroughly acquaint themselves with the item and all information provided about it before making an offer and to refrain from making an offer if they do not have sufficient information about the item (e.g., regarding expected lifespan, condition, wear and tear, or upgrade possibilities). Making an offer without the intention to purchase is prohibited.

The seller is not liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages, nor obligated to provide any compensation or price reduction.

2) The payment for the item must be made according to the payment instructions provided by the seller within one (1) business day from the acceptance of the offer (example: if the offer is accepted on Monday at 6 PM, the purchase price must be paid by Tuesday at 11:59 PM at the latest).