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Customer Story: Louhintahiekka Ltd.

Customer Story: Louhintahiekka Ltd.

Founded in 1974, Louhintahiekka Oy is one of the leading implementers of demanding infrastructure construction projects in Finland. Louhintahiekka’s services encompass earth and rock construction, street and bridge construction, foundation work, and industrial construction services.

About six months ago, the company’s key personnel and a group of professionals in infrastructure construction and business management purchased the company’s shares from the Jokela family. At the same time, Aapo Lahtinen was appointed CEO.

“We have been operating under the new ownership for about six months, and much has happened. Although private sector investments are currently tight, public investments continue. Louhintahiekka has extensive references, allowing us to offer new projects to a wide range of clients. We have a particularly strong presence in Southern Finland, Central Finland, and Pirkanmaa,” says Lahtinen.

The company’s strong business position and stable economic outlook provide a good foundation for growth and development activities.

“Our goal is to be a profitable infrastructure construction company. We aim to achieve this by focusing on long-term trends and our core business. We invest in employee well-being and are pleased with the direction Louhintahiekka is heading,” says Lahtinen.

“This concretely means utilizing modern technology and responsible operations, including environmental, ethical, and safety aspects. We increasingly need skilled labor and want to be an attractive and safe employer for them,” Lahtinen clarifies.

It’s important to modernize heavy machinery

Louhintahiekka’s success is partly based on continuous investment in new, efficient, and employee-friendly and safe machines. Overall, the company has about 60 heavy machinery units in use at various sites.

The collaboration between Louhintahiekka and Maatori began a couple of years ago with the sale of over a dozen used machines. They sold quickly.

“We have renewed our machines significantly, particularly older and less-used units. This has been crucial for our machinery lifecycle management. Through Maatori, we have been able to get our used machines into the hands of professionals and quickly moving. At the same time, our new machines meets necessary requirements, such as emissions standards,” Lahtinen explains.

Personal Service and Effective Sales Channels

During 2024, Louhintahiekka has put approximately 40 of used machines up for sale through Maatori. Sales Manager Markku Kantola personally serves Louhintahiekka in this large project.

“Of course, the machines need to be thoroughly familiarized, and I have received excellent help from Louhintahiekka’s Machinery Manager Jarmo Peräsalo. Pricing is done in good cooperation with Aapo,” Kantola says.

“We have built a strong trust relationship, which is extremely important in such a large sales volume. I have been able to utilize my international relationships, as well as extensive networks domestically. A big thanks also goes to our Vesa Nurmi, who has almost lived at Louhintahiekka taking pictures of the machines,” Kantola adds.

According to Kantola, Louhintahiekka’s machinery management and staff professionalism are exemplary.

“This has certainly been a big effort on both sides. It’s been enjoyable working with Louhintahiekka, as things are always done exactly as agreed, and the whole team, along with Aapo and Jarmo, are consummate professionals. Big thanks to Aapo and the entire Louhintahiekka team for their trust – let’s continue the good cooperation in the future!” Kantola appreciates.

Louhintahiekka Oy

  • Founded by Mauri Jokela in 1974 (family business)
  • Leading implementer of demanding infrastructure construction projects in Finland
  • Provides earth construction, rock and street construction, foundation work, and industrial construction services
  • The company’s management and key personnel bought the entire share capital from the Jokela family in 2023
  • CEO: Aapo Lahtinen
  • Headquarters: Tuusula, main operating areas: Southern Finland, Central Finland, and Pirkanmaa
  • Machines: several modern and contemporary excavators, wheel loaders, dumpers, rollers, and drilling rigs
  • Also a diverse range of equipment for wire sawing, drilling, groundwater lowering, screening, and crushing
  • Learn more: louhintahiekka.fi

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